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Monday, February 18, 2013

the vouchers part 2

As soon as I was done watching the booth, me and my friends went to Popular in Tun Jugah to start our shopping spree. We intended to skip just one class that day, but as we went browsing for books, it’s already 4P.M. and we haven’t even finish yet. We ended up skipping two classes. I really need to find a proper excuse to write in the letter of absence. *sighs* Sorry Sir and Madam! We couldn’t resist the temptations Popular offered. We ate at the Food Court just nearby. I ate Butter Chicken Rice. Nomnomnom~

The books that I bought:
The Book of the Dead by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child,
Prey by Michael Crichton,
Mariah Mundi The Midas Box by G.P. Taylor,
Dingin Salju Wisconsin by Nurulsham Saidin,
Mega Bisnes di FACEBOOK & BLOGSPOT by Ahmad Mustafa,
How to Sell Yourself by Theo Theobald,
Develop Your Presentation Skills by Ray Grose,
Wikinomics: How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything by Don Tapscott & Anthony D. Williams,
Time Management Secrets by David Hirst,
Terjemahan Al Hidayah Al Quran Al Karim (Rasm Uthmani) dalam Bahasa Melayu,

2 16GB Flash Drives. Each costs RM26.90. I wanted to buy an external hard disk but a single 500GB cost more than RM150. So, I decided to just buy the flash drives instead.

Menu Lengkap 100 Resipi by Suwarsi M. Arakin
The Digital Photography Handbook by Doug Harman

I tried to find a book about HTML since I couldn’t find anything about library there. Unfrtunately, I couldn’t find any. I ended up using all of the RM250 vouchers. They gave me another RM50 voucher and the membership card. Yeay! I have RM50 to spend on the most important thing that my father advised me: books that are related with my course – Information Management.

The RM50 voucher and the membership card 

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