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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

the study week

It's Saturday and I was supposed to study for CTU151 in the morning. But I didn't. I woke up at 11 A.M. And when I went to the library, it's already filled with people. I ended up going back to DM to eat with my friends. Right now, I managed to finish the first and second chapter of CTU151. yeay! I looked at the third chapter and OMG, the third chapter is extensively long!

It's the second day (Sunday), I went to the library but I couldn't be long. I have signs and symptoms of fever. *sighs* I met my friend there and she invited me to go to McD. I'm like: It's been awhile since went out so, what the hell? Oh, before I forget, I bought another dictionary. hehe. How am I suppose to carry all these books back to Bintulu? *sighs* I managed to cover chapter 4 and 5 of CTU. yeay! That night was unforgettable >.<

The third day (Monday) was better - I think. Still feverish but I'd make it through. Me and my friends went to the college office to send in our activities card. I really hope that I can stay in college. I didn't manage to cover chapter 3 of CTU, so I need to push myself tomorrow!

It's Tuesday and the last day of study "week", and I procrastinate again. I ended up going to the funfair with my friends that night *sighs*

Friday, March 22, 2013

a busy week

Busy is an understatement. It's been a hectic, tumultuous week. Starting from Monday, the schedule of group IM110 2A was filled with tests, assignment submissions and presentations. Monday schedule was already packed. Classes from 8 A.M. till 5 P.M. But the class at 4 P.M. was cancelled so we got back early.

On Tuesday, I skipped CTU151 class that morning to prepare myself for the test tonight. It was the first time I intentionally and willingly skip a class. What's wrong with me? Anyhow, Tuesday evening was our group's pantomime presentation and that night would be our final test of IMD152. Luckily I managed to answer every questions in the final test. *yeay*

Before the drama started
Wednesday was our registry presentations and report submissions. The presentations started off badly by other groups, but thankfully by the time my group present, we managed to get pass with just simple questions. I really hope SEDC will accept our registry proposal. Hahaha

Thursday was the Internet resources evaluation presentations and report submissions. The presentations was held in the lecturer's office. I want to go there at 8 A.M. since the class was cancelled. But, then I wanted to be a little late so I woke up at 9 A.M., got myself and my members ready, print the report and went straight to his office. Once I got there, there were already people waiting outside his office. *sighs*

Waiting and waiting
Fortunately, my group managed to present after waiting for like two hours (or more!) Unfortunately, my friends didn't managed to present thus 10 marks were deducted from it. I felt really bad for them, but I can't do anything. Afterwards, I inevitably met my seniors and they told me that I will be the leader to an event for next semester. I'm like: what!!?? What the hell am I suppose to do?

Thursday night was the last test: IMD156. After presenting and knowing what I will do for next semester, I went back to my room and watched Glee. I was planning on watching few of the episodes but hey, nothing went as planned. That night, I went to Auditorium 1, in hopes for the test to be easy - and it did! Well, kinda. I answered all of the questions but only god knows whether its right or wrong.

This blog entry was written on Friday. I'm at the library alone. According to my laptop, it's 9.27 P.M. Well, this is all from me - for now. Au revoir

Monday, March 11, 2013


Me, Mirul, Atikah, Sarah and Lisa

Everything is done! IMD156 Group Assignment is over. I have finished making the notice board, brochures and presentation. I didn't go for the presentation but I stayed for the booth. I forgot to ask for the RM2 for everything. Now I just have to put the pictures of the report and print it out.

The simple brochure that I made in one day.

Friday, March 8, 2013

IMD152 group assignment

For IMD152, which is Management of Internet Resources, we were required to do an individual assignment and a group assignment. Our individual assignment were to evaluate website of our choice. Our group assignment were to evaluate online references.

Instruction: Student needs to form a group of three (3) and find one (1) example of Internet resources except Websites, and evaluate it by using APPARATUS criteria. The chosen Internet resources should be cited inside reference page by using APA style citation.

Online references are basically the online version of reference sources. Examples of online resources are:
Of course, there are many more online references that we can find in the Internet. 

my mini library

Just like the title said, my mini library is slowly growing! hehe

Webster's Desk Reference: 8 Volume Reference Set

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Prom Night

The poster
I just wore a simple purple batik. I was partnered with three of my friends since they didn't have a date. When I got in there, the place that I always went was the food and drinks. While everyone was busy dancing, I stuffed my stomach till no end. I even took some of it back to my room. I ended up giving the take out to my friends because I was already full. *sighs*

Saturday, March 2, 2013

drama meeting

Since the due date is getting closer, our class have been diligently held meetings. Yesterday we discussed about the props. They even made the camera for the cameraman.

This was taken yesterday
Tonight, another meeting was held. It's at Anjung Seri again. The props were already bought. We were having fun playing with it. *yeay*

Explorace Se-UiTM

Today, our faculty organized the Explorace Se-UiTM.

As the participants entered DK1, the committee were dispersed to their checkpoints.

Me, Syud and Haziqah were in charge at Checkpoint Block E. The clue that will direct the participants was "Lepas D" which obviously led them to our block "E". Our checkpoint's task was to make a tower from the water bottles provided. They can use water to stabilize the bottles. The height was three bottles.

The Explorace ended about 11 A.M., an hour earlier than the tentative. The winners were announced, foods were given. We all went home.

I'm not going to Sinar Serapi tomorrow.