I'm currently studying in UiTM Campus Samarahan. I'm taking Diploma in Information Management. I'm still thriving to be a writer, so wish me luck. For those who had followed me, just leave a link so I can follow you back. Thank you :)

About Me

I admire everything that is art; music, writings, drawing, and even photography. For me, listening to songs always helped me to relieve stress; writing can broaden your view toward everything you used to know and see; drawing will help you express everything to a blank canvas; taking pictures can capture the moments for us to look down the memory lane.

I'm not perfect, no one is. I'm a person with low self-esteem, low communication skills, poor initiative, resisting to changes, and always daydreaming. If you see me for the first time, you'll probably think that I am a quiet shy kid, but once you managed to break through my insecurity shell, you'll learn that I can be anyone who you want me to be; I can be a friend, I can be a helper in needs, I can be someone who listens to your problems, but I can never and will never try to be an enemy.

I often marvels at God's creations around me. I am a person who always make mistakes, but I'll try to learn as much as I can from it. Trying hard to make a good decision at everything, because I know that even though I won't make the best decision, at least I didn't make the worst decision either.

Life will never be what we had imagined it would be; that is why we are given a chance to live and love life, to make friends who'll be supporting you through hardships, and to make moments of our lives memorable. I believe that we are always given a choice; whether it's good or bad, right or wrong and best or worst. Life is what we make it, not of what we are destined. We have a choice to shape our own future, so never resign ourselves to fate.