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Thursday, January 31, 2013

test swimming

Yesterday was the day where the students who took HSL116 having their test. I'm included *sighs*

We were divided into group of 5. We were grouped alphabetically. Since my name started with an S, I was in group 7. Second to last >.<

The test had many categories to be scored like safe entry and exit, bubbling, freestyle kicking, breaststroke kicking and many more.

Luckily, we couldn't finish the entire test. Our lecturer told us that next week, we will do the rest of the test without groups so that we can finish quickly. That's mean I can blend in easily! hehe

Well, by the time we were about to go back to UiTM, I went and looked at the details:

Opening Hours

Monday: Closed
Tuesday-Thursday: 10-12, 2-6.30
Friday: 10-11, 2.30-6.30
Saturday and Sunday: 8.30-6.30

Entrance Fee
Adult: RM1
Children: RM0.50
Full booking: RM300 a day

The Place

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

ceramah isu-isu semasa dan keselamatan

Just another day as a student here in UiTM.

Me and my friends attended an event named "Sesi Ceramah Bersiri Khas Isu-Isu Semasa dan Keselamatan Negara. It was in the Dewan Jubli on 1.30 P.M. Due to low number of audience, we got front row seats. yeay..... =.="

We weren't allowed to take photos or videos, and I'm like: are you going to show us something top-secret-ish kind of things? o.O

Anyhow, the talk was, in fact, very informative. It shed some light about terrorism, extremists, BERSIH rallies, LGBT, and many more. Despite the ice cold temperature and I was being sleepy, I didn't fall asleep. Yeay! Although I yawned countless of time, barely trying to contain my sleepiness. hehe

I need to get as many stamps as possible. Next semester in the first intake for 2013 and 2012's SPM leavers will obviously populate most of the intake. In other words, many rooms will be filled by the new students, decreasing my chances to stay in the college.

I need to get great grades + many stamps = 2 persons room! >.<

Program Santai Yang Amat Berhormat Timbalan Perdana Menteri Bersama Belia

Yesterday. me and my three friends were attending "Program Santai Yang Amat Berhormat Timbalan Perdana Menteri Bersama Belia" situated at Kuching Integrated Recreational Centre, Dewan Suarah Kuching. Since university stamp were provided and the fact that I can skipped class, I really want to go! 

We got ourselves assembled at Carpark A to get in the bus~ After everyone was there, we started our journey to Kuching >.<

By the time we got there, people were already swarming the tents. After the TPM came, we were able to walk around the place. I even met my former secondary school friend there. Yeay! 

We even took a ride up here! I got scared by the height *sighs*

The Girls~ Sorry. This was taken from my handphone. Expect the low quality. 
Another low quality picture. Haha
About 5.30, we got back to our bus and went back to UiTM. 

Sunday, January 27, 2013

another thing about me

I like to be known, recognized and noticed by people around me. Does that makes me an attention manwhore? >.<

I like to know more people. Whether they want to be friends with me - it's their choice. I just like to gain more connections, in case if I suddenly needed it. You will never know when you will need someone. I guess I'm a little bit of an opportunist. hehe

I don't know if I'm an introvert, I like to meet new people but I'm really awkward to be around with. I'm shy, quiet and not talkative, so it's hard for me to get along with people. Approach me with caution~

That's why I used Facebook. I don't stalk people (unless I'm really really attracted to them, hehe), but I regularly try to interact with people by liking, commenting and chatting with them. If they actually want to know me more, then I'll reveal myself to them. I talk to them if I see them in person. I smile if I see them outside from Facebook. I'll try my best to keep in contact with them.

As for friends, again I'll try to keep in contact with them as much as possible. Especially the ones that is hard to meet, such as people from different groups, batches or faculties. I don't want to get labelled "buang batu" by them. No. =.=" Even if I didn't talked to them for a while, doesn't mean that I forget about them, right?

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Twisted Tale: Cinderella and Snow White

Since my friends decided to do a pantomime on Cinderella and Snow White, the first thing that came in my mind was this. This was made just for fun, nothing bad intended whatsoever.


CINDERELLA was being punished by her STEPMOM and her STEPSISTERS. As her STEPMOM and STEPSISTERS went out to the ball, the FAIRY GODMOTHER appeared and prepared her for the ball.


SNOW WHITE found out that her new stepmom, QUEEN, was going to kill her in order to be the most beautiful person in the country. The QUEEN also made a ball to find the bride for her son, the PRINCE. As long as the bride in not as beautiful as her of course. This was also done to distract the KING and the PRINCE from knowing her intention to kill SNOW WHITE that night.


SNOW WHITE managed to sneak into the ballroom as QUEEN tried to find her. CINDERELLA also came to the scene, trying to hide from STEPMOM and STEPSISTERS. The PRINCE somehow saw CINDERELLA and quickly fell in love with her. As time went by, FAIRY GODMOTHER called CINDERELLA to remind her the midnight curfew. Suddenly, CINDERELLA's handphone's ringtone "Lady GaGa - Telephone" rang loudly. STEPMOM quickly noticed her and ordered STEPSISTERS to chase her. CINDERELLA went out and ran toward the garden.


SNOW WHITE was running away from QUEEN, bumped into CINDERELLA, dropping her handphone. SNOW WHITE and CINDERELLA ran together as the QUEEN and STEPSISTERS chased them. The PRINCE picked up the handphone, and looked at a missed call from the FAIRY GODMOTHER. He reassured himself that the handphone must have belonged to CINDERELLA.


STEPSISTERS accidentally bumped into the QUEEN, causing her to fell to the ground. Angered and mad, the QUEEN arrested the STEPSISTERS. STEPMOM, who just arrived, pleaded the QUEEN to release them. The QUEEN smiled mischievously.


CINDERELLA helped SNOW WHITE to run away from the QUEEN using her transportation: the pumpkin chariot. However, during their journey, the chariot disappeared as the enchantment was over. The two fell into the woods. The GOBLINS found them and took them into their house. The night passed.


After thanking the GOBLINS, SNOW WHITE went out with the GOBLINS to find some food while CINDERELLA took care of the house. The heavily disguised STEPMOM came to the house and because of her heavy disguised, she couldn't see well. She brought out a Big Apple to CINDERELLA, thinking that she was SNOW WHITE. CINDERELLA hesitantly ate the donut and fell under the QUEEN's spell.


STEPMOM told the QUEEN that she had already poisoned SNOW WHITE. The QUEEN was very pleased. She asked her MAGIC MIRROR "who was the fairest of them all". The MAGIC MIRROR answered "My QUEEN, you are the fairest here so true. But SNOW WHITE beyond the woods at the GOBLINS is thousand times more beautiful than you." This infuriates the QUEEN. She pushed the STEPMOM to her death for poisoning the wrong person.


SNOW WHITE and the GOBLINS met the KING and the PRINCE, who was trying to find SNOW WHITE. SNOW WHITE brought them back to the house to introduce CINDERELLA. Unfortunately, CINDERELLA already fell asleep due to the QUEEN's spell. With sadness, the PRINCE returned CINDERELLA's handphone and slipped it into her hands. Suddenly, the handphone's ringtone "Lady GaGa - Telephone" rang loudly, waking CINDERELLA up, well and alive.


The QUEEN was surprised when the KING, PRINCE, SNOW WHITE brought CINDERELLA home. She didn't care less though, as she was more focused on killing her stepdaughter, SNOW WHITE. She ordered the HUNTSMAN to kill SNOW WHITE that night.


CINDERELLA, who's suspicious of the QUEEN, lured the QUEEN into SNOW WHITE's room. SNOW WHITE was at elsewhere at the moment. The QUEEN, stupidly believed that it was the chance for her to kill SNOW WHITE herself. Unfortunately, The HUNTSMAN came and killed the QUEEN, thinking that she was SNOW WHITE. When the real SNOW WHITE appeared afterward, the HUNTSMAN fell in love with her. CINDERELLA, who saw everything, defended the HUNTSMAN and managed to get the KING's pardon.


The KING remarries with the FAIRY GODMOTHER. CINDERELLA marries the PRINCE. SNOW WHITE marries the HUNTSMAN. The STEPSISTERS apologized for their previous actions and were released and became their bridesmaids. The GOBLINS also attended their weddings.

a blast from the past

Yeap. That would be the appropriate title for this post, for today.

I went back to my room to relax for awhile. I need to borrow some money from my friend since the ATM apparently problematic. Just as I opened the door to my room, a familiar face greeted me. I'm like: is this a dream? What is happening? I didn't fall asleep, did I?

Well, that person (from My Little Confession) was there - with a friend. I smiled and awkwardly went to sit on my chair after putting my bag away. There I was, sitting on my chair, thinking: Is this really happening? What's going on here?

That person talked to me, and I was on cloud nine already! How weak I was to that person. And then that person left. Just like that. Last time I saw that person was last semester. Hmmm...

After I got some money from my friend, I went to photostat the name list. I went back to the library to online.

Another thing, I'm in charge for the props during the IMD157 Pantomime. hehe

Monday, January 21, 2013

VCSP 5 Pillar Attribute of UiTM Graduates

Don't ask me on how I know this. But I found out about it anyway. And I want to know what is this!

From the website:

The VCSP is a strategic initiative to put UiTM on the world map and to produce world renowned graduates. This is done by way of planning academic programs with international accreditations and developing the university into a center of research excellence, innovation and commercialization.

The 5 Pillars are:

  1. Enhancing Self-Esteem and Leadership
  2. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
  3. Creative and Innovative Thinking
  4. Effective Communication
  5. Teamwork

What is this? Is this good for me? Can I join? Where can I join? Where should I sign myself in?

VCSP 5 Pillar Attribute of UiTM Graduates . (n.d.). Retrieved January 21, 2013, from http://5psca.uitm.edu.my/

Sunday, January 20, 2013

a busy weekend

19-20 January 2013. Those dates were NOT the day I leisurely woke up late, playing Left4dead, or collecting my dirty clothes to be thrown into the washing machine. Those were the days where it was compulsory for me to attend 3 IM events!

19 January. Teambuilding was in the morning. As early as 7 A.M.! It was organised by Part 5 students. And it was for Part 1 and 2 students in DM1 Gading (the furthest abandoned hall in UiTM). I got there before 7 (I liked to arrive early) with my friends. When the Teambuilding started, we already got divided into groups. Overall, it was fun + awesome + great! It will be something that I'll always remember. Thanks Part 5 students who made this memorable for me! hehe

19 January. Hi-Tea was in the evening. I only went to my room to get showered after sweating a lot. After that, I quickly went back to DM1 Gading (again) as it was held in the same place. As an AJK, I helped the others to prepare for the event as best as I could. At the same time, I was also the elected AJK Persembahan (Performance Committee) whose in charge with the performances. Thank god, the performances went quite okay in my opinion (it could have gone worse, which it didn't). After it ended, I (with the others AJKs) stayed to clean up the mess in DM1 Gading.

20 January. IM Sports Day. I didn't have anything to do; I wasn't left in charge for any of the games. The games played during the Sports Day were Futsal, Volley Ball and the Sukan Rakyat: Hasen, Tengteng and Rondes. I tended to walk around the fields, just in case someone needed anything. I walked to the Futsal matches, Volleyball matches, and Sukan Rakyat matches when my friends were playing. After it ended, I finally went to my room. I fall asleep like a freakin' baby... Zzzzzz~~

Wednesday, January 2, 2013



12/12/12. That was the day of the AGM for December-April session. Or BGM, since it's Biannual instead of Annual. Me and my friends were going to DK3 in Blok M for the event.

There, I noticed 2 of my friends from my former secondary school. I know that they continued their study here (in UiTM). Little did I know that they'll be taking my course! I'm like: Oh my, you're gonna be my "junior"? haha

Anyhow, the rest went like the usual. Opening speeches... Part 1 introductions... And something new: the new line of AJK INFORMS (INFORMS Committee). As our seniors graduated on last semester, new batch of Committee were elected. One by one, names were announced. Eventually it reached my friends, and then, me. Wait what? Me!?

Yep. I was elected to be a part of the Committee. AKJ Biro Publisiti. Publicity Bureau? What does that supposed to mean? Well, I'm about to found out what.