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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

ceramah isu-isu semasa dan keselamatan

Just another day as a student here in UiTM.

Me and my friends attended an event named "Sesi Ceramah Bersiri Khas Isu-Isu Semasa dan Keselamatan Negara. It was in the Dewan Jubli on 1.30 P.M. Due to low number of audience, we got front row seats. yeay..... =.="

We weren't allowed to take photos or videos, and I'm like: are you going to show us something top-secret-ish kind of things? o.O

Anyhow, the talk was, in fact, very informative. It shed some light about terrorism, extremists, BERSIH rallies, LGBT, and many more. Despite the ice cold temperature and I was being sleepy, I didn't fall asleep. Yeay! Although I yawned countless of time, barely trying to contain my sleepiness. hehe

I need to get as many stamps as possible. Next semester in the first intake for 2013 and 2012's SPM leavers will obviously populate most of the intake. In other words, many rooms will be filled by the new students, decreasing my chances to stay in the college.

I need to get great grades + many stamps = 2 persons room! >.<

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