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Wednesday, January 2, 2013



12/12/12. That was the day of the AGM for December-April session. Or BGM, since it's Biannual instead of Annual. Me and my friends were going to DK3 in Blok M for the event.

There, I noticed 2 of my friends from my former secondary school. I know that they continued their study here (in UiTM). Little did I know that they'll be taking my course! I'm like: Oh my, you're gonna be my "junior"? haha

Anyhow, the rest went like the usual. Opening speeches... Part 1 introductions... And something new: the new line of AJK INFORMS (INFORMS Committee). As our seniors graduated on last semester, new batch of Committee were elected. One by one, names were announced. Eventually it reached my friends, and then, me. Wait what? Me!?

Yep. I was elected to be a part of the Committee. AKJ Biro Publisiti. Publicity Bureau? What does that supposed to mean? Well, I'm about to found out what.

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