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Friday, November 30, 2012

my roommate

Days went by as I stayed in the room. Still hoping if my friend can be my roommate, I waited patiently while playing Left 4 Dead again and again. Suddenly! There was a f***king Tank! and…

…there was a knock on my door! I was like “who is it?” Then I got killed by the Tank. I opened the door and saw a friend of a friend of mine. Read the statement again if you don’t understand it. I knew him but we’re not exactly close, so it’s kind of awkward for me to realize he was holding a key – to my room!

I really was hoping my peninsular friend to be my roommate – but then again – at least I knew my new roommate. Awkwardly though, whenever I see him, I remember that person! *sighs* I was going to forget about that person.

For more information about that person, read My Little Confession

I texted that person just to tell that my roommate is that person’s friend – and the exact reply was “Owh…” What the hell happened with your “ttm”? Was that how a “ttm” supposed to be? I mean, that person is like my kryptonite – it’s someone I can’t ever get close to without hurting myself. Yet, I’d rather get hurt again and again just to get close. I’m like a f***king masochist!