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Friday, October 12, 2012

CTU101 + MGT162


It’s been a while since I posted my last entry.

Hmm. Where should I start?

Okay. CTU101 and MGT162 papers are done. The examinations was done at different dates but at the same place (G111) and both started during evening. Here’s my opinion after facing the two papers:

CTU101 (7 OCT). I regretted not reading the notes beforehand. The fact that I didn’t know my carry marks make it even worst. I managed to complete my notes (19 pages), but I didn’t have enough time to revise it. Just as I was relaxing after finishing the compact notes, my friend called me. I actually went out to J&J Cafeteria with them to have a lunch. After picking up a friend at her home, we went directly to Block G. We came into the classroom after the invigilator called for us. Well, the rest was history. Let just say that it didn’t went well for me. Hopefully I pass. *sigh*

MGT162 (10 OCT). I already checked my carry marks and collected my assignment and test paper on Monday. After knowing my carry mark, a small sense of relief came over me. At least I made it more than half. I revised on my compact notes (30 pages), and redid some of the points in tables so I can see and understand it clearly. My friends and I went to the library to do last minute revision when our sir suddenly offered to help us with the revision. After some useful advice and tips from sir, we decided to have lunch at the same place; J&J Cafeteria.

MGT162 paper was quite okay than CTU101. Although Part A (True/False) and Part B (Multiple Choices) caught me off guard, I managed to do Part C (Short Answer) and Part D (Essay).

As much as I grow fond of the subjects; I don’t want to repeat any paper for the next semester.

That is all from me. For now. It's time to study IMD103~

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