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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

first paper

I officially got a fever. Yesterday night was the moment it started. First it was just a sore throat - my throat was dry and burning up. Then my body temperature raised, headache occurred just before I was going to sleep then the inevitable thing came. Diarrhea.

I woke up at six because of my diarrhea. I hate it.

Just before 8 o'clock, I met up with my friend, who needed to print his examination slip. Then we both waited at Block G.

Just few minutes before the paper starts, my diarrhea kicked in. There I was, awkwardly trying to hold it in. But I couldn't, I lost. I quickly asked permission to go to the restroom. I practically felt like I was disemboweling myself. The agony of diarrhea.

By the time I got back into G201, everyone was already starting their paper. Most of them looked at me as if I was a latecomer. Come on people, I was already uncomfortable with my own body, so please stop looking at me like that.

The reading section was just simple tasks of what-is-the-meaning-of-this and information transfer questions. Nothing much really.

I never understood why people spend so much time on a question. If you don't have the answer, just skip it. I'm not bragging or anything like that, but I finished my paper exactly in an hour. I still could see people flipping the pages to answer the reading section. I spent the remaining hour by checking everything and counting the words in my writing section.

I just realized something. Something awful.

I was short of words. That't for being too quick. Dammit. I added some words on the conclusion - since I obviously couldn't anything on the other paragraphs. I waited again for the time to end. I did want to leave early, but I didn't notice anyone leaving.

Time's up. The magic words was spoken. Everyone scurried outside to take their bags. Most of them went to either hostel or home afterwards. I went to my IMD103 lecturer's office to see my carry marks. Microsoft Words 15/20, Microsoft Excel 14/20. Overall, I got 29/40. Oh well.

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