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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

the study week

It's Saturday and I was supposed to study for CTU151 in the morning. But I didn't. I woke up at 11 A.M. And when I went to the library, it's already filled with people. I ended up going back to DM to eat with my friends. Right now, I managed to finish the first and second chapter of CTU151. yeay! I looked at the third chapter and OMG, the third chapter is extensively long!

It's the second day (Sunday), I went to the library but I couldn't be long. I have signs and symptoms of fever. *sighs* I met my friend there and she invited me to go to McD. I'm like: It's been awhile since went out so, what the hell? Oh, before I forget, I bought another dictionary. hehe. How am I suppose to carry all these books back to Bintulu? *sighs* I managed to cover chapter 4 and 5 of CTU. yeay! That night was unforgettable >.<

The third day (Monday) was better - I think. Still feverish but I'd make it through. Me and my friends went to the college office to send in our activities card. I really hope that I can stay in college. I didn't manage to cover chapter 3 of CTU, so I need to push myself tomorrow!

It's Tuesday and the last day of study "week", and I procrastinate again. I ended up going to the funfair with my friends that night *sighs*

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