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Thursday, February 21, 2013

another drama practice

After the regular meeting at 1P.M., I went to my lecturer's office to submit my assignment since he wanted it to be handed in personally as we needed to sign our submission list. Once I was done, I met my classmates who also had submitted their assignments. We were going to DM Mulu/Serapi to rehearse our pantomime.

While we were discussing for the pantomime, we saw a door opened. The door led to a room filled with traditional and cultural clothes. We were like: Can we borrow these clothes? The woman in there said yes, but with a letter. So some of us were thinking to borrow these clothes for the upcoming Prom Night. Few minutes later, a friend of mine sent me my gift. *yeay*

The Traditional and Cultural Clothes Collections
The souvenirs and the gift
After I kept those in my room, I went to each Block 1, 2, 3 and 6 to stick the posters of Prom Night. Then. I went back to DM Mulu/Serapi, as I thought that my friends were still in there. As I expected, they were. In fact, they were exchanging ghost stories. I decided to stay because I will obviously be bored all alone in my room. The storytelling continued, escalated, deviated into many other stories as we laughed our ass off. Even after the College Officers went home, we were still out there, laughing. I loves my classmates >.<

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