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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Program My Beautiful Malaysia

Today, me and my friends went to the My Beautiful Malaysia at Kuching Integrated Recreational Centre. After getting on the school bus – yes, you’re reading it right, a school bus – we went directly to the place. It took two buses for us UiTM students.

Again, the IM students decided to take on the elevator at the same tower. Because of that, we were left behind by the other group. *like I care*

My former classmate contacted me and told me she was there. We even managed to get some photos together! I missed her~ >.<

We ate a lot! There was also some kind of exhibitions of weapons – I touched of my first M16! We even got into the tanks! Hehehe

After getting our food coupon, we were relocated to Taman Budaya, just a walking distance from the place. There, we were given rakes to sweep off the dead leaves which were everywhere. Of course, as usual, there will be photo-taking sessions at – everywhere! Haha

As soon as we were “finished” with the sweeping and photo-taking, we went back straight to the school bus and gone back to UiTM. It was a great day.

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