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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Burn It On! Fiesta (first day)

Burn It On! Fiesta was held today. Actually it started last night, but today was the first day. Just like last semester, HTKP (Hari Terbuka Kelab dan Persatuan) was held again. This time, it was held at the Carpark C, right next to Block G. There many booths opened, including one from us, INFORMS. I got there during morning, about 11 A.M. Aside from that, an auto-show was held right next to the booths.

There were many things on sold. Shirts, books, pins, notepad and foods like rojak, banana split, chocolote covered marshmallows, and many more~

I bought these two: the pin and the notepad...
...and this. Another INFORMS shirt~
Tonight, there will be a rehearsal for the Battle of the Band versus Acoustica contestants. Again, Muay Thai's here and there. They just never stop coming.

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