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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Busana Islam

Okay, there are two great things today: IMD155 class and tutorial is cancelled as well as the swimming class. Yeay!

Well, I attended Busana Islam in the Dewan Jubli. I went there alone. Hmm... The theme was Asli dan Moden & Kontemporari, roughly means Original, Modern & Contemporary.

Anyhow, it was divided into four categories:
Category A: 3-12 years old
Category B: 13-17 years old
Category C: UiTM students
Category D: UiTM staff

The category is the 3-12 years old. The crowd were entertained by the childrens' attitudes on the stage. They were so adorably shy >.<

The next category is 13-17 years old. It went quick though. Probably because there aren't many participants in the category.

Category C is for UiTM Students. I don't know anyone. Or perhaps I didn't exactly pay attention as I was writing this post. Hahaha.

The last category was for the UiTM Staff. Each one of the staff came and gone.

The winners were announced shortly after the fashion show ended. As everyone had received their prizes, we went back after getting a coupon to claim the stamp.

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