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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Another Tuesday

Today is Tuesday. In other words, this is the day where I only have 1 class in the morning and free time afterwards. After CTU151 class, I went to DM Mulu/Serapi for our group IMD157 discussion. The script already got printed, and I was assigned with a new character. I'm no longer working on the props - I'm now a bank guard. The bank guard who fell after getting hit by shuriken and died after being shot by the robbers. How pathetic my character is - which is good - since the only action that I need to do is fell to the floor. Haha

After that, I went to Dewan Jubli for the final stage of Kuiz Kemahiran Islam. There weren't so many people  inside. Anyhow, there are representatives from Sabah and Mukah there, which surprised me.

Tomorrow will be Wednesday, which means two (2) IMD155 presentations (index slip + part II national archives and director general) are waiting to be present. >.<

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