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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

the day at UiTM

The traffic was horrible. There were cars everywhere. I had to use the back exit to get in. Haha >.<

I came to UiTM this morning to register for my room. Luckily, there was an officer in the office. I registered for the room numbered 6216. However, I can't get the key yet. I can only get the key on Saturday or Sunday. And I'm supposed to print out something that have my room number. Is it the Slip Pra Daftar? I should've asked before I went back home *sighs*


  1. print keputusan dapat kolej, bukan pra daftar.

  2. Hi, Thade. We're on the same semester and course. But, I'm studying in Segamat. It's really nice to read your posts here, haha. So, how's your studies? :)