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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sony Walkman

Hey!! I just bought my MP3 Player!! As a musical manwhore - I needed this thing badly. My friends realized that I always listening to my phone, so I thought: why wouldn't I just get an mp3 player?  Haha. After paying RM195 to the Boulevard IT cashier, I finally received my freakin' mp3 player!

I bought the black one. 4GB B Series MP3 WALKMAN (Black) which is model NWZ-B173F/B. At the webpage, it said that the price is actually RM199. So, I got RM4 cheaper? =.="

From the webpage:

Feel the bass and dance to the beat with the new generation of B series players, NWZ-B170F series. It features new ZAPPIN™ function, built-in USB for easy drag & drop of music files, bass enhancement, colour matching power illuminator and Quick Charge Technology.

  • 4GB capacity
  • New ZAPPIN™ Function allows you to find songs easily, and to listen to music in a new way
  • Built-in USB for easy drag and drop transfer of content
  • 18 Hours Battery Life (Quick charge : 3 minutes charge 90 minutes play back)
  • FM Tuner and Voice/FM Recording Function
  • Colour Matching Power Illuminator

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