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Friday, April 19, 2013

I want a new phone

My friend picked me up at my home at 1 P.M. and I wasn't ready yet since they told me it was supposed to be 2 P.M. last night. Anyhow, our first destination is the Parkcity Mall. There, I spotted a gallery of mobile phones. The BB my sis gave had its track pad damaged and it haven't been repaired yet. Suddenly, this idea came into my head: why don't I just persuade my dad to buy a new one? A new phone~ hehe

We went to Citypoint later for karaoke~ After that, we went to Tanjung Batu to relax.

I want a new phone. Samsung~

Oh, before I forgot, I'll be taking my drivers' license this May. 12 May to be exact. Finally! >.<

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