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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

study week goes on

This was supposed to be the study week, but what am I doing? Waiting for some consciousness to kick some sense into me, so I can actually start to revise my homemade notes. Yeah, that's exactly what I'm doing right now, waiting for a miracle.

Off the topic, I had dreams about that person. What is wrong with you, brain? I need to focus on my revisions and now you're excessively making me to continuously think of that person 24/7? Honestly brain, you are so not contributing to my studies at all. You're are abusing my memory by showing that persons' image wherever I go.

Back to the topic, I've made my notes: MGT162 was done beforehand (to avoid failing in the progress tests), IMD103 is done (16 pages of very compact notes), IMD102 is still in production (1 chapter left to be disseminated). For BEL120, which consists of Writing and Reading; I just need to revise on grammar (part of speech and tenses to improve my sentence structure). For CTU101, my conceptualizing skills need to be polished (what worries me is the fact that I don't know my carry marks).

Off the topic again, I want to go home so bad after knowing that 8th Borneo International Kite Festival 2012 starts today! I want to see foreigners flinging their kites all over the old Bintulu airport. I missed the moments so bad. I want to take pictures with my dad and hangout with my besties and and and, there's a lot of things I wanted to do. My parents sent me here to study, but I want to go to the festival.

And, not to forget is, my short story, aptly titled Six Days in almost at its end. When I finally finishes it, I'll probably post it here or on my Facebook or both.

That is all I wanted to type. Au revoir~

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