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Monday, September 17, 2012

aku dan final exam

OMG. pejam celik pejam celik, dah nak habis satu semester dah.*sigh* nak tak nak, mesti belajar. untuk apa? untuk Final Examinations!

This first semester had been a complete turnaround for me. My life has never been this  I don't know how to explain it — vehemently full of life? Haha. In just a mere 4 months(?) so many memories were "recorded" here. My life as an Information Management part 1 student is slowly closing its curtain. After another two weeks it will be the finals. As soon as that ends, holidays take over, and on 2nd December, I'll be here again as a part 2 student. I never realized how the time flies so fast.


Getting back to the topic, this will be the start of the busiest two weeks so far. I really hope to go through my finals with confidence. Hopefully, I can get dean list for my first semester here. I need to benchmark my ability now so I can do better for the upcoming semesters.

Final exams are approaching with numerous assignments to submit, presentation to present, tests to excel, and a lot of tension + stress to comprehend. Oh well, I might as well procrastinate and fail everything or start to study and making my own notes to read later. Hmmm *thinking seriously* Obviously I'll do the latter. Duhh.

My finals schedule. The place for examinations haven't been revealed yet. But this is it: BEL120 (Tue: 2 Oct), CTU101 (Sun: 7 Oct), MGT162 (Wed: 10 Oct), IMD103 (Tue: 16 Oct) and IMD102 (Fri: 19 Oct). Also not forgetting IMD101 final test on Thu: 20 Sep.

For the rest of you, good luck and do your best! 
Wish me luck guys! 

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